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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sleepless. Not in Seattle.

Each day out of the hospital is supposed to be better than the last. In general, I am healing, but every night my sleep has been worse. Last night I didn't even get there.

In the hospital I got a morphine shot twice a night 6 hours apart. That usually knocked me out for at least 2 hours a shot. I temperd it with some xanax and ibu from my own toiletry bag. Sleep wasn't great but it happened.

Now I'm outta there and usually I go to sleep around 1am. No position is comfortable, and usually there's pain in my arm or ribs. So I lay restless until 7am... the exhaustion outweighs the pain and I get some. Except last night...

Today I got gugod to take me back to the hospital to beg for some xanax. It worked. I got 4 days worth anyways. Hopefully a 1mg dose will send me to the lala lounge tonight. Dang it, I hope so...

Sleep or not, I still love being alive!



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