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Monday, April 30, 2007

My Morning Drug Run

I slept last night. Fantastic. But I wasn't taking any chances. I was already exhausted and purposefully decaffed when I popped 3 Xanax pills and the two Nyquil pills for good measure. I also found a new slightly upright position to sleep in.

So I got to bed around midnight and up around 9. In pain, but happy. I asked Gugod if he could take me to the 新竹General Hospital. It was Monday and the docs were supposed to be in. I needed to talk to a doc about getting a new drug regimen.

When we got there the place was jam packed full of people, but I must say the Taiwanese are efficient people. I got to see a doc in < 30 minutes. This guy was really cool. He spoke good English (rare in that place) and worked with me to get a good set of pills into my possesion.

I got more Xanax plus Ambien, Voltaren and Alprazolam. Pain killers, muscle relaxants and sleepers. I didn't specifically ask for these but I'm very happy with the outcome. I'm especially looking forward to taking the Ambien which my ex, Eileen Chaos, used to go on and on about. She said they made her trip visuals and have very strange thoughts before knocking her out. Can't wait...

Staying off the coffee until I get this thing under control.

In the computer world, I'm starting to think about ramping up the Wikiwyg project. Wysiwyg editing for Wikis. I'm writing this post in the Blogger wysiwyg editor, and it's rather nice. But I can do better!


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