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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bonsoir Chamonix

After a long day of traveling, Yuval and I arrived in Chamonix. We had to drag over 100kg of our luggage around town but finally found a decent hotel. Hotel Pointe Isabelle.

The Hotel seems right in the middle of town. Right across from the McDonald's which is the first place we lugged to after getting off the bus. It was a good place to camp out with our gear while we looked for lodging. The micky-Ds has wifi here. It also has no gratuitous arches which made me feel slightly better about going to one after a couple decades hiatus. I had a salad, used the toilet and headed out on my journey.

FYI, they really do speak French in France. I tried to remember this as I walked around. Soon I had to talk to my first hotel manager. "Bonjour!", I said, knowing I had played all my cards already. "Bonsoir..." he mumbled. Merde! I already screwed up. The old man showed me a room, but it was obvious we weren't meant to spend the night together.

The Hotel Isabelle is €30 more per night, but what's a few euro when the people are nice, you are in the middle of all the drunk brits, you get a free breakfast, and you have a nice little balcony to sit on. Yuval and I dragged our junk upstairs, stepped outside, poured a glass of wine and had a few minutes to relax and realize we were in our new hometown.


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