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Thursday, September 17, 2009

FrontRunners Seven

Last summer I started running with the Seattle FrontRunners. They run every Wednesday at 6:30pm, rain or shine, starting (and finishing) at Volunteer Park, on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Conveniently, this park is just a couple blocks from my home.

Every week, anywhere from 15 to 75 lads (and a few lasses) run about 4 miles. They have seven preplanned courses that they alternate betwixt.

This week I decided to run all seven! (I also decided to map them using Google maps.) On Sunday I ran four in a row: Riley's Revenge, Interlaken, 16 Going on 17, and Flat Four. Wednesday night I joined the FrontRunners in doing 22nd Avenue. Tonight (Thursday) I finished off the set with Lakeview followed by Box in a Box.

I've done all these courses with the group over the last year, but it's nice to run them by yourself too so you can take the time to really know them.

I enjoyed the discipline of Google mapping them too, although the mapping software had issues with 16 Going on 17. (It doesn't let you walk through the corners of 16th and Prospect or 17th and Republican.) The nice thing about the maps is you can modify them yourself. Give it a try.


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