Ingy 2.ö

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Post Op Days

It's been almost a month since I wrote here. A week after I wrote that I went to the Swedish hospital for wrist surgery. In a word, the surgery was "good". The doc keeps his cards pretty close to his chest, but I could tell he was pretty excited about the turnout. That's the good news... has been so low key since then. My wrist is going to be in the healing phase for the next year I think. It doesn't bend so much now, and I guess fixing that takes a long time.

But I have been steadily doing some low key but fun stuff. I went on a trip to Portland last weekend. I love that town. I'm always tempted to move back.

This past weekend my buddies Tatsuhiko Miyagawa and Steve Howell, were both in town. Monday night we all went to watch the Mariners beat the crap out of the Red Sox. I don't go to many baseball games, but can someone please tell me why every other fan at Safeco Field was cheering for Boston?!?

I hope Miyagawa had a good time. I'm not in the best shape to host people I think. But the weather was great and we got out a bit. Friday night I had my first BBQ party in nearly a year. I'm ready for another.

So ever since this surgery I've been sleeping more than ever. At first I thought it was the sleep drugs, but I've stopped taking those, and I'm still a zombie half the time.

What else? I've been spending some time writing my new Perl module, YAML::XS. It's exciting because Perl has been dieing for top notch YAML support, and YAML::XS is just that. It is a C binding to Kirill Siminov's libyaml library. The "top notch" credit all goes to Kirill. libyaml is simply amazing. I think Kirill is to programming, what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was to music. Well I just get the feeling that Kirill makes no mistakes. I haven't found a single bug in this opus of code.

Today I got out on my motorcycle! Technically I should probably wait a couple more weeks, but man... I gotta live. It was great to ride a few miles. Yesterday I rode my road bike for a bit, and last week I started running again. I'm still loving being alive. I think getting the pace of your life slowed down can be a good thing. It helps you notice all the good stuff around you.