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Monday, May 14, 2007

Back in the USSA

What a week! Been so busy, ain't even had time to blog it...

So my flight home was fine, even though I was worried sick when I got on that 747 pointed East. The doctor told me I shouldn't fly for a month, so of course I'm sure my guts are gonna go splaying when we hit 10,000 feet. I take a Xanax to cool out, and I was totally fine. No rib pain nothing. The flight attendants seemed extra nice to me because I was "injury boy".

I think I was the only one who didn't sleep on the flight which was my plan actually. The plane landed at 7pm, so why sleep and make it impossible to sleep later. Then again I have Ambien so why am I worried in the first place?

I got home and called a few friends to meet me for a few drinks before bedcrashtime. I called my best friend Larry, but ended up not-drunk-but-just-as-incoherently-dialing Larry Wall instead. It was bizarre. "Hey you're not Larry"... "Yeah this is Larry"... "Look, stop playing games, put Larry on"... "This *is* Larry"... "Whatever! Whoever you are, tell Larry Ingy called"... *click* ZOMG. Embarrassing. I just happened to have Larry Wall's number in my phone. Never called him before. Get some drinks with Larry and Helen and Meghan and Terra and hit the hay. *HARD*

Next day I get up and drive to Vancouver BC for the Socialtext Great Couver Hackathon. Good to meet my coworkers face2face. Lots of new faces 2 face... Next day head back to Seattle. Meghan's 3 day birthday procession requires my presence. *EPIC*

I somehow survive this girl's 28th trip around the sun party. Sick people are supposed to rest. Then again all people only live once.

Lot's of other stuff going on. Beach Club 2007 officially started today. Helen and I are considering moving to a new place this summer. Watched 5 straight episodes of 6 Feet Under. See my American Hand Doctor in 2 days. Turns out he is a customer of Larry's bike shop! Crazy small world. Oh yeah, Larry totally customized my exoskeleton with some skillful use of his bike shop's die grinder.

Also I start writing YAML::LibYAML this week. This will be a great tool for Perl people. I'll write more on that tomorrow. Great to be back!!!!!!


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