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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

三 Grand

I swear I'm getting clobbered by javascript errors, I think due to this airport's wifi eXtravaganza. So I best keep this short...

As you guessed I'm at the plane place with Gugod ready to get out of here. Taiwan must not want me to go cuz they charged me 3000 taiwanese pesos to ship my bike. I'm 3 grand poorer, taiwanesewise...

And then they asked me if my arm was OK... "Great" I say. No need telling em about my ribs. OK looks like I'm gonna make it, got my ticket. Got a bowl of beef noodles in me. And a cup of joe. And my electric pocket sudoku game. And javascript is creeping up on me so see ya soon Seattle. Tuesday@Liberty@9pm all'y'all, iykwim, aittyd!


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